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My desires in a relationship have changed over time. I no longer want someone who promises to always love me and never leave me, I need someone who understands that life happens and sometimes things don’t work out. I don’t want someone who sugar coats things and never gets angry with me, I need someone to tell me how it really is and put me in my place. I need to be able to go five hours without talking to you and not feel lost or incomplete. I am complete without you. But with you, I want to be so much better. I want to be stronger with you. I want us to grow together and help each other grow individually. I don’t need you, but I really fucking want you. And this may not work out, but the fact that you understand all of this and this how our relationship works, makes me think we’ve got a pretty good shot.
---This is why I have so much faith in us (via boobslyn)
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Just a reminder that tattoos don’t have to mean anything. They do not require some intricate and moving backstory. Some people just appreciate having art on their skin…it’s as simple as that.

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Probably the worst types of people are the ones that shut you down to make themselves look cooler than you, for example if you get excited and squeal and they’re like “woah what was that..” or if you talk loudly because you’re passionate about something and they say “relax dude wow” and then give a look… Like fuck off stop trying to act so cool and collected. You don’t seem more mature you just seem fucking boring and monotonously placid.

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Don’t you know who you love, Pudge? You love the girl who makes you laugh and shows you porn and drinks wine with you. You don’t love the crazy, sullen bitch.
---John Green, Looking For Alaska  (via the-lyrics-speak-for-me)
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I hope they ask about me & I hope you tell them you fucked up.

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Fuck you.

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‎’Slut’ is attacking women for their right to say yes. ‘Friend Zone’ is attacking women for their right to say no.
---And “bitch” is attacking women for their right to call you on it (via moldmaiden)

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You are the reason I’m smiling when there is nothing to smile about.

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Make the first move, tell people how you feel, stop being so scared of rejection, stop feeling so engulfed with thoughts that aren’t even yours, and stop wasting your fucking time.
---What I needed to hear (via exoticwild)
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Chicago Fog / Michael Salisbury

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25 things i wish i realized while i was still in highschool
  1. That zit on your cheek literally does not matter
  2. Skipping class one time will not ruin your entire life
  3. The boy you’re trying so hard to impress will mean nothing to you in a year
  4. Bring coffee to school and ignore people who make fun of it
  5. Bring a snack, too. Don’t care if people hear you eating in class.
  6. Being popular isn’t and will never be something that seriously defines who you are
  7. Appreciate your teachers
  8. Doing/not doing drugs doesn’t make you cooler than anyone else.
  9. Neither does drinking
  10. Talk to the kid sitting alone; even though it may not change your life it could drastically change theirs
  11. Participate in school events
  12. Wear sweatpants everyday
  13. Or wear a dress everyday
  14. Wear whatever makes you comfortable
  15. Nobody will laugh at you if you sit alone at your lunch table for five minutes
  16. Utilize the library
  17. Don’t wait 20 minutes to text someone back just to seem cool
  18. Tell your friends how much you love them
  19. Cherish your free textbooks… seriously
  20. Help confused freshmen, be nice to them. Remember how much you would have appreciated it a couple years ago
  21. Compliment the other girls in the bathroom
  22. That fight you had with your mom really isn’t that big of a deal
  23. It’s okay to cry
  24. Don’t let your desire for a romantic relationship stop you from forming platonic relationships
  25. Remember that life does go on

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Today was literally spent just doing homework. I am exhausted, but of course, I would forget to do something that’s due tomorrow.

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Don’t waste your time on people that constantly have you second guessing if they like you or not


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I get way too sensitive when I get attached to someone. I can detect the slightest change in the tone of their voice, and suddenly I’m spending all day trying to figure out what I did wrong.
---Humans of New York - Amman, Jordan (via 5000letters)
Baby, You Wouldn't Last A Minute On The Creek

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Chiodos | Baby, You Wouldn’t Last A Minute On The Creek

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Why can't I get over him


A six word story.

You know, trying to get over someone is only half the battle. The other half is fought when you wear their favourite sweater, when you hear their favourite song and when you taste their favourite fruit. It’s seeing the first film you watched together again and trying to pay attention to the actors instead of remembering how close you were to grasping his hand and burying your head into his shoulder.

You can’t get over him because you didn’t do all the things that you said you would. He promised things. You promised things. Those promises meant things. And deep down you kinda knew things weren’t going to work out, but a bigger part of you was hoping they might. And hope is a bitch sometimes.

There isn’t really some magical formula for getting over someone. You miss them because, like it or not, they found a gap in your life and filled it almost to perfection. Now you gotta fill it in yourself and that hurts.

I can’t tell you how. I can’t tell you why. But you’re not alone, I can tell you that much.

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